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There’s that jawline again… UNF


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KryBer moment - eating oysters (KoME interview)

Watching the interview, Krystal only talked twice (if I’m not mistaken). One to clarify the place they went to in Africa for their charity project. And then to talk about eating oysters.

Krystal: we ate… oysters
Amber: …oysters! haha *everyone laughs*

*Kystal lip-bite*

What makes the vid even more KryBer-ish is that from the comments I’ve read, oysters are an aphrodisiac XD And the way Krystal reacted after saying that kind of implies that she knew, hence the awkwardnss and the lip-biting XD
oh, baby Jung~

side-note: I could’ve sworn Amber said “crepe” correctly, haha, I’ve been saying it like that all this time :/